Mentorship Program

Teachers Supporting Teachers

Mentoring relationships make a significant difference in a teacher’s professional practice. The Curriculum Department accepts applications from experienced teachers wanting to be mentors, and teachers who would like a mentor, throughout the school year.  A two year commitment to the program is expected from both mentors and protégés.

Here is what a few mentors from previous years had to say:

“I think this program is very valuable for my protégé and myself. It is always refreshing to work with a new teacher, as they have many new ideas to bring to education. Not only did my protégé learn things, but I learned new things as well. I think this is valuable for the more experienced teacher and the new teachers in the district.”

“Many times my protégé met with me and was feeling very overwhelmed with that “just trying to keep afloat” feeling. Every meeting was very productive and she always made a point of letting me know how I had helped her and that she was feeling much “better about things” after our meetings. This really felt great! We also had the ability to do some collaborative planning of units, and lessons and shared some ideas with each other”…

“We have developed a rapport in which both my protégé and I go and seek out each other almost daily for a check in about how things are going. We share resources we may find and enjoy collaborating on marking assessments and planning various units for our students. It was great to have the opportunity to see the teaching field through the eyes of a new teacher. It has been very inspiring. I also had the opportunity to reflect on my practice and why I do things.”

“My protégé and I have a very friendly relationship and although I have more experience, we talk as equal colleagues sharing ideas and working through situations. I enjoyed the opportunity to develop my own understanding of the new Math curriculum as she worked through it this year.”