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Curriculum Department Staff Contacts

Perry Smith                                Director of Instruction

Lucy Bell                                    Intermediate Admin Clerk

Early Learning

Donna Wright                             District Principal Early Learning

Maria Limpright                          Helping Teacher Early Learning

Elementary, Middle and Secondary

Kaylie Rooke                              Helping Teacher Intermediate and Middle School

Tawnie Hildebrandt                     Helping Teacher Numeracy

Michelle Middleton                      Helping Teacher Secondary School

Modern Languages

Duncan Hazlewood                    Helping Teacher Modern Languages

English Language Learning

Lynette Power                             District Vice Principal English Language Learning

Michelle Gill                                Helping Teacher English Language Learning

Nerlap Sidhu                               Helping Teacher English Language Learning

Kathleen Weinkam                     Helping Teacher English Language Learning

Digital Learning

David Ennis                                District Vice Principal Digital Learning

Zhi Su                                         District Vice Principal Blended Learning/Library Services

Deirdre Degagne                        Helping Teacher Digital Learning

Conrad Wiebe                            Helping Teacher Digital Learning

Todd Diakow                              Helping Teacher Digital Learning

Systems Analysis

Jun Kim                                      Systems Analyst