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Curriculum Resources


General Math - Links applicable for all grades to websites that provide general support and suggestions for implementing the BC math curriculum.

Number Talks - Number Talks is a high yield routine that nurtures many of the curricular and core competencies in all grades.  Use a Number Talk to develop strategies for subitizing, addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, algebraic thinking, and operations with fractions, percentages and decimals.  

SNAP Templates, Rubrics & Support - SNAP is the “Student Numeracy Assessment and Practice” tool that is an assessment of, as, and for learning, created by the Chilliwack School District.  It assesses and develops both number sense and computational thinking for students Grades K - 8. Here you will find quick access to templates, current district based rubrics, exemplar packages, and other links with support.  

Problem Solving - Word problems have long been a part of math instruction, but there are ways to make word problems more relevant and connected to the curricular competencies.  Thinking critically to explore "What math lives here?" is an important aspect to mathematizing everyday situations.  Click for suggestions on problem solving routines and activities in authentic situations for students to apply what they have learned.  

Numeracy Routines for Elementary School - Collection of high yield routines that focus on developing curricular competencies in math that apply to Grades K - 5.  Includes routines such as counting collections, math centers, "Which one doesn't belong?" and more.  

Numeracy Routines for Middle Schoool - Collection of high yield routines that focus on developing curricular competencies in math that apply to Grades 6 - 8.  Includes routines such as clothesline math, fraction talks, estimation activities, "Which one doesn't belong?" and more.  

Secondary Math Resources & Links - Links to Graduation Numeracy Assessment information and resources to consider exploring.