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Curriculum Resources



Online text and video sources  - websites to find levelled text, articles, videos, etc for both reading lessons as well as curricular connections such as social studies and science

Assessment Support - This document provides links to websites about common reading and writing assessments used in Abbotsford, and healthy formative literacy assessment practices.

Comprehension Toolkit Links - This document provides links to websites that provide additional information, support and resources enabling teachers to develop their comprehension instruction.  The Comprehension Toolkit is a resource many teachers are using to support their instruction of non-fiction reading strategies. This resource includes step-by-step lessons for specific aspects of strategies, and many supporting resources. 

Daily 5 & CAFE Links - Daily 5 is a structure that many teachers use to enable small-group instruction as well as to build independence and literacy skills. CAFE are the strategies that are focused on during that time. This document provides links to information to help develop Daily 5 and CAFE practices.

Spelling & Word Work Support - Word study programs such as Words Their Way are based on research around effective spelling instruction. This document provides both the research articles about teaching spelling as well as websites with links to ideas and support for Words Their Way instruction.

Novel Recommendations and Lists - book lists and reviews for helping teachers and students find new and wonderful book choices

Joyful Literacy Resources (Janet Mort)