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News: Wednesday, October 28th, 2020

Paint Project brightens spirits for Robert Bateman grads (PHOTOS)

The lower parking lot at Robert Bateman Secondary school just got a lot brighter! Thanks to some creative brainstorming between RBSS Leadership Teachers Farrah Kufske and Emily Lillie, the 2021 grad class was able to kick off their year with a unique and COVID-safe event.

Throughout October, over 30 Grade 12 students came out for a Parking Stall Paint project and fundraising event. Each stall was valued at $100, and students could pair or triple up to buy in. Financial assistance was also provided to ensure all grads would be able to participate if they wished to.

"Without pep rallies, lunch events to look forward to, and even their grad cruise being cancelled, we knew we had to think outside the box and come up with something to help this grad class build their connection," said Kufske.

Grade 11 Leadership students helped run the event, and were kept busy managing the paint station, cleaning brushes and handing out cold canned drinks and pre-bagged cotton candy. Some Grade 11 students even jumped in to help paint base layers for the solo artists.

Sherwin Williams Paint Store (on South Fraser Way) sponsored the event by donating mis-tints, painter's tape and a large discount to purchase additional paints or supplies as required. Students mixed and blended the primary coloured paints that were provided to bring their asphalt murals to life. Panago Pizza also sponsored the event with a heavily discounted personal sized pizza for every Grad.

The result? An afternoon of music, pizza and a parking lot full of inspirational quotes, Disney and popular culture references, abstract and imaginative illustrations. Not to mention a burst of school spirit! 

One Grade 12 student commented, "The paint night held at our school was such a fun bonding experience for us grads, and I'm so grateful that we got this opportunity! Despite the challenges that we are facing this year, our admin was able to make it as special as possible by starting off our grad year with a fun activity! It was amazing to get to be with friends and show our creativity, making the grad lot personal to us!"

The Leadership students expect the event will raise a few thousand dollars, and all funds will go towards the RBSS Winter Wishes program they are starting this year and provide food gift cards to families in need over the holiday season. 

"This was a great event to think about what this grad year could be, instead of focussing on what was lost," said Kufske. "It might inspire us all to start some new traditions!" 

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