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A Place of "How"

Are you ready for the transformation? What’s that you wonder? The curriculum transformation! Have you heard of the BC Ed Plan, the 4C’s, inquiry, hands-on learning? Have you wondered how you are going to teach this way? We've been wondering too. Clearly, there is a shift in education from stand and deliver to hands-on learning. If we expect teachers to create this learning environment, doesn’t it make sense that we provide teachers with support that mirrors this way of learning? We believe it does.

Many teachers are willing to transform their practice but need a chance to experience how they can do things differently. The Explozone will be a place of “How”.

What is the Explozone?

As an extension of the Curriculum and Careers departments, the Explozone will help teachers explore how to create a classroom community that engages students in authentic, real world inquiry and discovery. The Explozone is a district hub where teachers can co-plan and co-teach with both the curriculum and careers staff. Teachers will be supported not only at the Zone but also in their classrooms.

Everyone will learn at the Zone. That’s why while one teacher is involved in an activity with their class, other educators can observe and reflect on the learning environment they see.

Abbotsford is taking the lead in creating a unique and flexible space for all teachers to explore experiential learning in a safe and low risk environment.

For teachers, the Zone will change the way they experience pro-d. For students, the Zone will be a fun place to be. For everyone, the Explozone will be a place to inquire, explore and discover.

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