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Assessing Competencies with Tom Schimmer

Making Competencies Count:

Planning, Assessment and Reporting


February 14, 2019

Competency Based Planning and Formative Assessment

February 15, 2019

Competency Based Grading and Reporting

Tom Schimmer 

Tom has been an educator since 1991. He spent 7 years as a full-time classroom teacher, 11 years as a school-based administrator, and 2 years working at central office where, as a member of the senior management team, he was responsible for overseeing the efforts to support & build the instructional capacities of teachers & administrators throughout the district. After 20 years working in the school system, Tom resigned from his district position (in 2011) to work full-time as an author, speaker, and consultant.

Tom is an experienced, sought-after presenter who has delivered both keynote and workshop sessions and major conferences, as well as for schools and/or school districts internationally. Tom has worked in Canada, the United States, Vietnam, China, Myanmar, Thailand, Japan, Qatar, Bahrain, India, the U.A.E., the U.K., Russia, Singapore, and Spain.

Cost:  $25/ Day (Lunch and Snacks Included)

Location:  Abbotsford Middle School

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Location: Abbotsford Middle School