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Professional Development

We are commited to supporting all staff in all schools.  For more ProD opportunities, please contact the team member who oversees your area of interest by visiting the team page to learn more! 

Archived Curriculum Bulletins
The Curriculum Bulletin is an email with after school workshops, pro-d day information and resource updates and suggestions. Curriculum bulletins are emailed out to all teachers and administrators every two weeks. View archived bulletins.

Building a Culture of Inquiry with Trevor Mackenzie (for Grade 6 - 8 Abbotsford School District staff)
October 28, November 18, January 13, February 10, March 31, April 21, May 12 (7 sessions - Thursdays)

Understanding Manipulatives: Base 10 Blocks (for Abbotsford School District Grades 3 - 7 teachers)
December 8/21, January 19/22, February 2/22

Math Book Study: "Building Thinking Classrooms in Mathematics" by Peter Liljedahl (for Abbotsford School District Grades 1 - 8 teachers)
January 5, January 26, February 23, March 30, April 30 & May 11, 2022

Being the Change - Lessons and Strategies to Teach Social Comprehension book study (For Abbotsford School District Grades 3 - 8 teachers)
January 25, March 1, April 26 and May 24, 2022

Building Your Diverse Classroom Book Collection (for Abbotsford School District Grades 4 - 8 classroom teachers)
January 26, February 9, February 23 and March 30, 2022

EA's and Support Workers - Here is an online course that you can take any time to help you become Google savvy!!  You will participate as a "student" in Google Classroom.  Go to Google Classroom - Click+ and add Join code:  pyrogv5.  You must have your learn34 account.  If you forgot it, email helpdesk [at] to get a new password.  This online course is set up with step by step lessons for EA's to complete, simulating a class that a student in our schools would participate in.
Two resources that might be helpful for your students:  Video - How to Log in to Google Classroom and a Slideshow:  Student Tour of Google Classroom.