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Blog: Wednesday, February 28th, 2018

Supporting English Language Learners

More and more, mainstream teachers are engaging in supporting the needs of English Language Learners (ELL) in their buildings. This approach really began in earnest with the amalgamation of the ELL team into the Curriculum Department, now working as a collaborative team to accommodate the varied needs within our schools. The ELL team is continuously working to help teachers support our learners by increasing the use of ELL strategies relative to the redesigned curriculum. So, what might this look like in our schools? ELL teachers are teaming up with Learning Commons teachers to strategically implement and develop scaffolds to engage learners in exploration and experimentation through blended learning. Through the ELL Ipad series, ELL teachers are proactively exploring with technology as a means to provide students with voice as well as support academic language learning. The nine teams involved meet to build capacity through networking under the guidance of our ELL and Digital Learning helping teachers. In addition, the Curriculum Unpack Series facilitated at a variety of schools has been bringing the academic language of the redesigned curriculum to the forefront. This has positively impacted daily practices by increasing explicit language instruction from K-12.

We continue to celebrate growth across our district, and our team is always looking for opportunities to support student learning relative to the needs of our ELLs. We encourage and look forward to working together, so please call upon your ELL Teacher or District ELL Helping Teachers.

District Vice-Principal, Curriculum - ELL