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Blog: Friday, March 15th, 2019

Some Borrowed Thoughts from a Small Green Mentor

“Much to learn you still have.” – Yoda

While we might not have our light sabers handy, and don’t spend our days battling the Empire, Yoda’s words are pertinent to those of us involved in education.  They remind us of changing landscapes, the importance of being open to learning and actively seeking those opportunities.

The District Mentorship Program is one way of fulfilling the desire and need to learn more.  For early career teachers, or those new to their role or the district, a mentor provides valuable assistance in navigating new learning. Mentors support with resources, strategies and conversations. They answer questions, nudge thinking and provide a sounding board for ideas or, sometimes, just a shoulder to lean on. Mentors challenge. They ask hard questions and provide kind and specific feedback. They are collaborators and coaches. They see the promise. “[She] kept telling me, ‘You have this’, when I wasn’t sure I did.” Second year protégé 

For mentors, the learning is reciprocal. Taking on the role of consultant, collaborator and coach provides opportunities to reflect on practice, dive more deeply into pedagogy and develop valuable interpersonal skills. “Working with a new teacher has really challenged me - in a good way – I’ve really looked at how I’m teaching in my classroom and having to explain why has made me think…why?” First year mentor

Mentorship is about relationships, working collaboratively, recognizing promise and facilitating vision.

“Always pass on what you have learned.” -Yoda

Director of Curriculum