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Blog: Wednesday, November 21st, 2018

Math? It’s a SNAP!

Developing number sense and operational fluency is the foundation for building confident mathematical thinkers. A student’s role in math should include thinking, sense-making, and growing in their understanding of relationships between key concepts. As this is easier said than done, there are teams of teachers from nine schools participating in a pilot exploring how the SNAP (Student Numeracy Assessment and Practice) can help effectively build and assess student growth in number sense and operational fluency.

The SNAP is a one-page practice tool as well as an assessment of, as and for learning.  The SNAP is designed around the math curricular competencies and is open-ended so that it can be differentiated for all learners from Grades K – 8 with appropriate numbers and operations.  Teachers in the pilot spent time learning about and playing with the SNAP in September. After collecting some baseline data, teachers reflected that they had learned a lot about their students’ thinking and understanding of key concepts to set goals for further progress. After completing a SNAP, students are asked to provide a reflection and one student summed up the intent of the SNAP by writing “It got my brain thinking!”

Tawnie Hildebrandt, Numeracy Helping Teacher