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Blog: Wednesday, November 15th, 2017

Innovating at Abby Virtual: FUSION Program

The very first class of FUSION students are engaged in “Techsploration” and “Exploratories” at Abbotsford Virtual School (AVS) this year. FUSION is an innovative new middle school program where grade 6-8 students benefit from a blended learning environment designed to explore their creativity with the use of technology. They get hands-on experience and teacher expertise in modules such as Robotics, littleBits, 3D Printing, Cooking, Sewing, Coding, Graphic Arts and Virtual Reality. Fusioneers attend AVS fulltime on Mondays and Wednesdays, and work offsite the remainder of the week with the flexibility of online courses. While at AVS, students are developing passion projects in Genius hour, coupled with a seminar approach in their main academic courses.

FUSION offers students and families the ability to customize and accelerate learning, explore students’ interests and increase their involvement in the community. The program requires a high degree of commitment; students need to be academically motivated and work well independently while also being able to create, communicate, and collaborate in a group setting. Also key to success is a demonstrated interest in technology (students are required to supply their own laptop) as well as engagement with school-coordinated extracurricular arts and physical activity programs in the community.

The FUSION model is set to expand to the Grade 9-10 level next September and is ideal for motivated, independent learners. This pioneering program offers fully-enrolled district students a unique opportunity for digital immersion and a personally-engaging, flexible learning environment. With more than a decade since the school’s inception, AVS is proud of its tradition of creating innovative learning pathways for K-12 and Adult students; FUSION is full “STEAM” ahead in preparing and challenging students for a lifetime of success.

Principal, Abbotsford Virtual School