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Blog: Wednesday, September 6th, 2017

Expansion of the Mentorship Program Supports New Teachers

By Perry Smith, Director of Instruction

The Abbotsford School District is excited to have Barb Wilson join the Curriculum team to take the reins of our mentorship program. Barb is a long-time Abbotsford teacher that is coming back to us from Simon Fraser University as a Faculty Advisor. With Barb working as a full time Helping Teacher in the mentorship program we look forward to seeing an expansion of the services and programs that are available to teachers new to the district and teachers that are new to positions. As we have so many new hires in our district the Curriculum department is working with Barb to consider how we can expand our services and align our work to ensure that we are providing meaningful support to our staff.

If you are a new teacher to the district or are new to a position and would like to take advantage of the mentorship program we encourage you to contact Barb Wilson ( about joining the program. If you are an experienced teacher that would be interested in being a mentor to one or a small group of your colleagues please contact Barb about how to be a mentor.