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Blog: Friday, December 21st, 2018

Creating a Recipe That We All Can Enjoy

The New Learning Commons

The role of an LLC teacher is demanding. LLC teachers are co-planners, collaborators, communicators, instigators, relationship builders, innovators, curriculum facilitators, lead learners, risk takers and more. They have many hats to wear and shoes to fill. But why? What’s the difference in learning space that calls for such a dynamic instructional leader?

Someone once made a fitting comparison that associated a traditional library with a grocery store and a modern learning commons to a kitchen. In the traditional model, the focus was on content consumption whereas the learning commons is more about content creation and knowledge building. Within this metaphorical kitchen, the LLC teachers are likened to chefs. However, there are no set recipes. As there is diversity in gastronomical palates, so too success at every school community will be predicated on different needs, different tastes. Every LLC teacher must bring their personal brand of magic to the table to meet the needs of the learners in their respective schools. The goal is to create an engaging learning environment that will serve up innovative learning experiences and opportunities to the school community; experiences that support and enhance the redesigned curriculum as well as build bridges that span and extend beyond the classroom.

What a difference a year makes! It’s easy to forget that this is only the second with LLC teachers in the learning commons and what a significant impact they have made on student success!

As a group, LLC teachers meet on a monthly basis and share ideas, initiatives, ongoing projects, successes and growth opportunities. In this community of practice, there is a great openness and willingness to share resources, ideas and support.  Here are some of the activities LLC teachers have facilitated or lead and inspired others to pursue.

Take, for example, the STEAM lab at Matsqui Elementary and Harry Sayers Elementary. Exposure to these two STEAM labs have inspired others to pursue the same vision, and through collaboration and a culture of sharing, others can deploy in a shorter amount of time. Moreover, through on-going communication and iteration, the activities become more creative, engaging and consistent with the big ideas of the ADST curriculum.

Here is just one example of the new normal in the new kitchen that is our new Library Learning Commons:

*Harry Sayers Elementary has entered into a consent and they will need your support. Voting will take place between January 21st – 25th, so stay tuned for further details.

As the holidays season draws near, please take a moment to share your appreciation with all of our LLC teachers.

Zhi Su
District Vice-Principal, Curriculum-Blended Learning and Library Services