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Blog: Wednesday, September 19th, 2018

Celebrating Darlene Taylor

Some of us grow up playing school, and know from a young age that we want to be an educator. That was not Darlene’s journey – she was enroute to becoming a dental assistant when she realized the only thing she liked about the course was teaching dental hygiene in the school. A seed of interest in teaching was beginning to germinate. She was encouraged to apply for a job as an activities instructor at the School of the Deaf in Winnipeg. In her words, “I knew absolutely nothing”. But within the year, she was signing and beginning to dream about how she could be a teacher of the deaf.

Her interest in signing developed into a passion – a seed of inquiry sprouting, growing and flourishing into a career. The MB government paid for her to get her teaching degree / Diploma in Deaf Ed at UBC and after her schooling, she returned to Manitoba where she taught at the School for the Deaf for 7 years. In 2002, Abbotsford School District was fortunate enough to have her join our LSS team as a teacher of the hard of hearing / Deaf.

Darlene’s eyes sparkle when she talks about her years working with students who are hard of hearing / deaf - giving them a way to communicate. For young kids who are deaf and unable to sign, they are “living in a world of nothing”. It gives Darlene great joy when students learn their first simple signs, and she sees their eyes light up when they realize they are able to communicate. Parents have called her an “angel” for giving their children a voice to express themselves. One little kindergarten child exclaimed to the class, that person over there, “That’s my hearing girl!” She knew that Darlene made her life better…

Thank you Darlene for enriching the lives of our students who are deaf and hard of hearing, for connecting students across schools, for developing friendships and self-worth, and for letting students know that their ideas are appreciated. We value your dedication, your commitment and your passion!

Principal, Learning Support Services