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Blog: Thursday, October 5th, 2017

All About Myblueprint

MyBlueprint is a career education platform that will be deployed system-wide from K-12 this fall. This career planner takes a more intentional approach to self-discovery and self-actualization by guiding and tailoring the career education to suit the needs and interests of students. Named "All About Me", students actively learn about their interests, skills, passions, values and document what they discover about themselves in pictures, media, videos, and journals. Also, by leveraging a robust database of colleges and universities across North America, students are advised as to prerequisites for post-secondary programs aimed at achieving career paths.

The planner is a great tool in and of itself, but MyBlueprint also functions as a digital portfolio for students to collect, curate and showcase their work. This digital portfolio will follow and track their progress throughout their K12 educational experience. When students create products of learning, they can upload their products in all forms of media and then reflect upon their achievement as well as self-assess their progress as it relates to the Provincial Core Competencies.

The digital portfolios are one way of meeting our district goal of communicating student learning with parents, and we are very excited to embark upon this journey with our students.

Go to to learn more about the platform.

District Vice-Principal, Curriculum