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Blog: Thursday, May 17th, 2018

Academic Vocabulary Tip #1: Knowing your Language

The ELL department has received a consistent request for support in increasing and integrating academic language in the classroom. Research indicates that increasing academic vocabulary is vital to our students’ academic success. As a means of providing rich and varied language strategies to all our teachers, the ELL department will be including a monthly Academic Language Tip in the Superintendent’s update. 

Academic Vocabulary Tip #1: Knowing your Language

Academic Vocabulary is the language of text, school, and the workplace. These words are embedded in our Curricular and Core competencies and need to be identified and explicitly taught to students. 

  1. Identify the Academic Vocabulary in the Curriculum, e.g., words such as analyze, respond, determine, compare;
  2. Explicitly teach and expose students to these words in reading, writing, and oral communication; and
  3. Collaborate with the ELL teacher in your building to determine the academic vocabulary for a lesson, unit or term.

District Vice Principal, Curriculum – English Language Learners (ELL)