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Blog: Wednesday, June 12th, 2019

Academic Language Tip

Maintaining Routine 

As we begin to think about year end and winding down instruction, it is important to remember the value of maintaining routine.  While classroom routines are essential, it is important to continue using structured routines for language instruction.  In doing so, this builds consistency and stability for language learners, thus allowing them to attend to the task at hand as opposed to the instruction. 

This can be as simple as a turn and talk after the introduction of a new concept.  This routine has been modeled and practiced and expectations have been set.  This routine benefits all students when they are given an opportunity to practice academic language, supporting ideas with text evidence, and listening to peers. 

The value in routine.... 

Routines especially benefit ELs as once students know the routine, a teacher spends less time explaining the directions of the tasks and creates more time for students to do the heavy lifting of critical thinking, analysis, and using academic language.            

 EL Excellence Every Day, Tonya Ward Singer 

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