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Blog: Friday, January 18th, 2019

Academic Language Tip

Vocab Strategies in Action

With the increase in classroom demands it may become difficult at times to fit it all in. Being intentional about how we select, use and teach academic language is imperative to language development. Multiple exposure in numerous contexts is necessary in order for our students to be successful academic language learners.  Here are a few strategies your colleagues are using to incorporate vocabulary practice into classroom routines. 

To reassign seating: 

Choose the appropriate number of words with definitions relative to the number of students in your class. Tape either the words to desks and provide students with the corresponding definitions.  Students are then to match their definition with the word on the desk. For English Proficiency Level 1 and 2 students use a visual clue. 

Creating Groups: 

Group students by providing words and fill-in-the-blank sentences. Students need to find the corresponding sentence for the words. 

Short Review Activities: 

Kick it out the door review: display one vocabulary word. Students must write a sentence using the word correctly or provide a correct definition before leaving the class.