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Consent Forms

Last update: 10/11/2017

Social Media (for web apps and online services outside of Canada)
Use pages 1-3 in this school district document.
AP334 and AP334-1 is for use by teachers who want students to use specific web apps or online services.

  • This form is needed if the web service or app is outside of Canada and requires the collection of any student personal information (e.g. Seesaw, IXL Math, Edmodo, Scholantis, Weebly)
  • This form is NOT needed if student data is anonymized, or if the servers are in Canada
  • Usual practice is for teachers to distribute, collect, and keep the consent forms on file in their classroom for the year
  • Each year a new form would be used with the new students

Google (for Learn34 G Suite student accounts)
Use pages 6-10 in this school district document.
Schools distribute AP334-4 and AP334-5 to grade 4 students, or students in grade 3 who are in 3/4 multigrade classes.

  • The Learn34 Google consent form (AP334-5) is collected and stays on file at the school
  • This consent form is collected once throughout K-12
  • When a student moves schools their consent form should be forwarded to the new school

Note: GAFE and Google Apps for Education, which is referred to in the document, is now known as G Suite.

Student Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)
This is an optional program available in some Middle and Secondary Schools and requires district approval.
Checklist - for school staff  |  Handbook - for school staff and students  |  AP417 (Pages 1-3 and 8) - for parent/guardian consent and student consent; the consent form (page 8) is returned to school and stays on file at school

Letter and consent form - for teachers who are using FreshGrade with parent access
The FreshGrade digital portfolio is recommended for use with Elementary School and Middle School students. If a teacher is using FreshGrade without any parent access then the letter and consent form is not required as the data is stored in Canada.

Letter and consent form - for teacher who are using MyBlueprint with parent access
The Abbotsford School District is using the MyBlueprint platform for career education, digital portfolios, and self-assessment of core competencies throughout kindergarten to grade 12. 

Information and Communications Services User Agreement (IT Form)
Pages 5-7

  • Required once K-12
  • Kept on file at the school