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Explozone Series: Nurturing a Culture of Thinking

Target Level:  Grade 3 - 8

Length of Series:  Two 1/2 day sessions, two personal meetings with helping teacher, approx. 6 in-class co-teaching sessions

Time of Day:  1/2 day morning sessions

Description of the Series:
This workshop looks to help teachers develop thinking and social skills with their students in new and different ways.  Teachers will be exploring building a culture of thinkers in their classroom.  As our curriculum moves to more inquiry-driven models, and encourages the integration of the thinking 'competencies', we have a growing need for teachers to actively nurture both social and thinking competencies in the classroom.  The skills needed to work collaboratively in a group, to think critically, to communicate ideas, and to generate new or innovative ideas are not skills that come naturally to all students.  This workshop looks to help teachers begin developing these thinking in their students in new and different ways, and to support teachers as they begin to build a culture of thinkers in their classroom.
The helping teacher will work with the classroom teacher, as well as with the teacher and their class together, towards the goal of completing at least one activity morning at the Explozone.  Teachers will also make a final projected plan regarding where/how they will incorporate the competencies in upcoming units of study.