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ExploZone Series: Inquiry Based Science - Smarter Science Series

Target Level:  Grades 3 - 8

Length of Series:  Four (4) training sessions

Description of the Series:
Smarter Science is a framework for teaching and learning science that also develops the skills of inquiry, creativity, and innovation in a meaningful and engaging manner.  Teachers will learn how they can explicitly teach these science and inquiry processes while integrating literacy and numeracy.  Educators will study the 35 inquiry process skills in the Smarter Science Framework and how to implement activities to devlop these skills.  They will also learn about how to use the 'Steps to Inquiry' and other strategies to help students plan and complete their own investigations.  Particpants will learn how to scaffold the inquiry process from a guided inquiry to an open-ended inquiry.  This series will include multiple workshops and a lesson demonstration, as well as many demos, practical ideas and materials to stimulate thinking!
Teachers will be expected to implement strategies and ideas between sessions, for reflection at the following sessions.  The final project will be to plan for a curriculum related 'Steps to Inquiry' experiment, which teachers will implement in their classroom, and reflect with the group.