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Access Stem

This series focuses on building inquiry projects while using Access STEM as a repository of projects ideas with related video and performance tasks.  Participants will develop a project that can be launched in their classroom.

Teachers are asked for lessons that are engaging and relevant, cross-curricular, focus on 21st century skills, differentiate learning, incorporate non-fiction reading and writing and provide an authentic assessment of their students understanding.  Access STEM strives to bring this type of learning to each teacher and student in a school.

Access STEM combines a number of different content types that accentuate the educational strategies of STEM education. Real-World Videos set the stage for each lesson by showing the practical application of educational concepts within a company/industry. Performance Task built around the specific job/industry ask the students to apply the knowledge learned in a real world unpredictable situations. Literacy Tasks ask students to read, synthesize and write informative and/or position papers around the real world career based topic.

This series is suitable for all grades.

Contact Karl Wodtke and Michelle Middleton for more information.