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Blog: Wednesday, April 5th, 2017

Self-Assessment of the Core Competencies

Districts are required to ensure all students K-9 have completed a self-assessment of the Core Competencies of the redesigned curriculum. With this in mind it is important that we are all on the same page as it relates to the parameters and practices as it pertains to meaningfully engaging students in the self-assessment process. The Ministry of Education has recently articulated guidelines regarding self-assessment structures and the process for including them in the final report card. These guidelines can probably best be articulated in a Q and A format.

Q: Do students need to self-assess themselves on all of the competencies?

A:  No. The Ministry has suggested that in our first implementation of this structure we focus on ONE Core Competency and do it well. As students become more sophisticated in their ability to self-assess and have a greater understanding of the Core Competencies we can increase the number of Competencies assessed.

Q: Do all students need to complete a self-assessment?

A: Yes. All students are required to complete a self-assessment. Teachers may need to adapt this structure for students with special needs. The LSS department is currently working with educators to develop a strategy for adaption with communication on this strategy forthcoming.

Q: Can teachers provide a rubric for students to self-assess themselves?

A: It is both the recommendation of the Ministry and the belief of the District that we should not use performance rubrics for the self-assessment of the Core Competencies.  This structure is intended to be a reflection of individual student competency that is best articulated through a reflective process rather than criterion based assessment rubric.

Q: Does the assessment need to be written?

A: No.  The assessment may be captured written (digital or analog), video or audio recorded, or by other means of capturing a student’s reflection. 

Q: How do we include the assessment on a report card?

A: This may take several forms. Printed copies of the assessment may be attached to the final report card.  In the event the assessment is digital, a “url” may be included in the comments of the report card to direct parents to the audio or video file. Where assessments are included in a student’s portfolio, a reference in the report card may be added to direct parents to the portfolio to view the student’s self-assessment.

In addition to this information our Curriculum Implementation Day offerings will be related to the self-assessment of Core Competencies and the various ways that this assessment can be captured and communicated. A poster for these professional learning opportunities will be communicated in the coming days.

Director, Instruction – Curriculum