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Blog: Wednesday, March 8th, 2017

The Power of Learning Targets

Communicating learning intentions to students

Many of us have focused on deepening our understanding of unpacking the curricular competencies for teaching and learning. Foundational to this process is identifying and utilizing learning targets to communicate what it is that we want students to understand. Regardless of the subject, it is critical that we identify and communicate to students what we intend for them to learn and be able to do. Just as we as adults are keen on knowing why and what we are doing, our students crave the same understanding.

To that end, it is important for us to also know what the learning targets are and how to communicate those targets to students in student-friendly language. Whether learning targets are communicated as “I can” statements, or as objectives for learning, it is the communication of the intended learning that has a powerful impact on student achievement. Included are two links to video examples of teachers that are using learning targets to improve student achievement in their classroom. One of these videos includes testimony from students as to the efficacy of understanding what it is they are intended to learn. For more information on how to implement learning targets in your classroom, please feel free to contact the Curriculum Department for support.

Director, Instruction – Curriculum