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Blog: Wednesday, May 17th, 2017

New Report Cards K-8 in 2017/2018

Over the past two years the Curriculum Department has been working with teachers and administrators to develop a new reporting structure that aligns with the redesigned curriculum in Kindergarten to Grade 8.  A district assessment and reporting committee was formed to assist the Curriculum Department in completing an analysis of what we need and want related to a report card that communicates student learning relative to our new learning standards. In this process, new templates that report on student learning of curricular competency standards in Kindergarten to Grade 8 have been developed. These report cards will allow teachers to communicate to students and parents how students are progressing relative to the curricular competency learning standards. Once the report card templates were developed, the Curriculum Department set out to find the right platform to house these report cards. We used a set of criteria to choose an online platform that meets as many of our desirable criteria as possible. In our analysis we considered platforms that are:

  • Web based
  • House data in Canada
  • Can be easily customized by the district
  • Can import student information from My Education BC

We are confident that we have found a web based platform that meets all of these criteria and will be an effective way for teachers to communicate learning to students.  Our new report card system has now been developed and is currently in its testing phase. Principals and vice-principals will be receiving information regarding the new report cards this week and will be communicating this to teachers in the near future. The district will also be communicating this information to parents through DPAC and will develop communications to the general parent community in the coming weeks. 

Training for this new report card system will begin in early September and continue leading up to the end of Term 1. We are confident that the implementation of this new reporting system will be straightforward and allow teachers to communicate in a manner that is consistent with our new learning standards.  We look forward to sharing more information with you about these exciting new reports in the near future.

Director of Curriculum